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Here at Legal Department, we are proud of our process because it has been perfected to produce a pleasant experience and excellent results.  During this process, we customize our services specifically for your business and your needs.  We know that there is no cookie cutter solution to legal representation and we embrace that.  There are no templates here, only good, honest work.  If you are interested in working with us, here is the road that we will travel together.

First, you contact us by calling (312) 391-4341 or emailing [email protected]  In this stage, we have a conversation about what you do, where you do it, and how you do it.  We also talk about your industry and what risks your business faces ever day.  We discuss why you need legal services and what we hope to accomplish.  At the end of our conversation, we set up a time where we can delve deeper into what you need.
Now that we are aware of your general business needs, it’s time to get down to specifics.  We will go through a “business legal needs checklist” with you to ensure that you have the right foundation.  Then we will go through more specific checklists, such as a checklist specialized for employers.  This will ensure that we know exactly what services you will need and what you don’t.  While we will make recommendations on services, we will also explain everything that you may not be familiar with such as why you may need an independent contractor contract or who such a person even is.  That just a part of us collaborating.  Finally, we will craft a quote customized for you so that you pay for only what you need.
An engagement letter is a contract between you and us that delineates the rights and responsibilities of each party.  It also states the cost of legal department that you pay every month.  That means that you will know exactly what services we will be providing to you and that you will be locked into the price for one year.  We practice what we preach and take this contract seriously.  If you are in agreement with the terms, you sign and we are ready to start working together.
Knowing about your needs and the risks that your business faces is important but not enough.  We also customize our contracts based on what your needs are.  For example, one business owner may want her client to pay on net 7 terms, while another may prefer net 15.  To ensure that we are giving you the best service that we can, we will conduct an interview with you that will help us customize each contract to your specifications.  If you are unsure what those specifications should be, we will explain each item and provide you with advice on what to do.
This is where we work our magic.  We take all of the information that we have learned and put it into your contracts that will protect your business.  During this time, we don’t close our door, we provide you with frequent updates on our progress and are still available for consultation calls.
You are binding yourself to each contract that you sign.  That simple fact is why we go over each contract with you, so you can understand what it is you are signing.  We also know that sometimes your clients may ask you what a certain section means and we want you to be confident in the explanation.  While it may sound intimidating and scary, it’s actually very simple.  We will break everything down into layman’s terms that are easy to understand.  Most lawyers don’t do this.  It is a big part of our collaborative approach; we love sharing our knowledge.  In this step, we also make any changes you would like and finalize the contract.
In this step, we diligently answer all of your questions and provide consultations.  We also contact you regularly to see if there are any new needs that you have while your business is growing.

Our process is made for businesses like yours to get a great service at a great price.

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